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Meet Margie! She is our Quickbooks expert here at the office!

Meet Margie! She is our Quickbooks expert here at the office!

I've been working in the accounting/bookkeeping field for many years, with QuickBooks accounting software for 16 years and have 10 years experience preparing tax returns for individuals and small businesses. I mentor and train clients on the best use of their QuickBooks, whether the desktop or online versions, and I can work with the Mac version of QuickBooks desktop. One of my favorite tasks is to resolve problems within client's QuickBooks so we can prepare tax returns with good numbers. I show my clients on how to adapt to those changes so they can keep their books clean.

I enjoy working with my clients, with their accounting records, preparing their tax returns and with training/mentoring.

Outside of work, I have two grown children and a wonderful husband of 38 or so years. I enjoy photography, visiting with my family and traveling.

Meet Dave! Here is a little bit about him

Meet Dave! Here is a little bit about him

I have worked in income taxes and related issues for 38 years. Eleven with the IRS and 27 in private practice.
I was raised in Gainesville Florida and I received my degree from the University of Florida. I served 3 years in the army with a one year tour in Vietnam.
I has been married 45 years, not sure how I got so lucky but was truly blessed. I have two children and five Grand kids.
My office has grown much larger than I thought it would. I first thought I was going to have myself and my wife working and that would be all. My wife said no, might be why we are still married. So from a small one person office we have grown to what we have now.
I have had a few hobbies in the past. Racquetball, golf, fishing skeet shooting and now box making. All the others require time in the sun and I don't like to be out as I used to be.
I enjoy traveling and have been to Europe, Alaska, Mexico, Greece, Central America, all kinds of Islands, Holland, England and Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Australia Korea, CZ and our NE coast. Now you might understand all the stuff in my office. We have plans to cover parts in the US that we have not seen and will start soon on that adventure. No campers anything but a camper.

They are the best, Ginger specifically, she is friendly, answers questions you have and makes sure you get every penny that is owed to you. My returns have always been on time or early. I wouldn't use anyone else but, Ginger and DC & Associates.

Michael McCormick

My parents have used them since I was in middle school and I have been using them since I was out of high school in '95. They are an excellent company and was very helpful after my divorce in figuring out my taxes.

Julie Wales

I've used this firm since mid-1990's as a referral from a friend. I have been very pleased with all my experiences with those handling our accounts.

Tony Anema