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DC & Associates, P.A. provides a wealth of information for our customers in our Client Portal. With this tool, you can send us your paperwork and see where you stand financially using our online calculators. You can also check your federal refund status here.

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We provide additional information for commercial employees and owners

We provide additional information for commercial employees and owners

Many people don't know about different forms they can use to help manage their taxes. That's why DC & Associates provides resources and tips for:

  • Employees who work for tips. If you receive $20 or more in tips during November, you can report them to your employer using Form 4070.
  • Corporation owners. Once you deposit the fourth installment of your estimated income tax for the year, you can fill out Form 1120-W to help estimate your tax for the year.
  • Employers. If you pay a monthly deposit for social security, Medicare, nonpayroll withholding and withheld income tax, you can submit the tax payments in November.

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